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Wanted to share a quick little rhythmic somethin’-somethin’ with you here!

This has been my recent default when sitting down at a pad to warmup. An 11-note sticking (22 in all, before repeating)… RLLRRLRLLRR LRRLLRLRRLL

One way to think of it is as a smoothed-out 6-stroke roll (RLLRRL) plus a reverse 5-stroke roll (RLLRR). And then, of course, repeating with the opposite sticking. Keep all 11 notes flowing evenly and smoothly, rather than creating the jarring feeling of back-to-back sextuplets and quintuplets. Although . . . that would be a great way to play it, as well 🙂

Here it is notated:

And give it a watch right here:

(ProLogix Percussion “Blue Lightning” pad + Vic Firth 5A sticks)