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It really does take a village to raise a child. Between the fundraiser, friends, family, social media and plenty of word-of-mouth, we managed to gather all of the monetary and equipment needs to cover our budget and make Amaloboozi a reality! There is absolutely no way that this could have come together without all of the support from near and far. I have so many people to thank for helping with all of the many aspects of this project! “Weebale”- thank you, thank you, all!


Amaloboozi means "voices" in the Luganda language. One of my personal missions is to record the voices and instruments of people I meet in the many parts of the world that I visit. Those recordings will be used to create CDs that will be sold to directly benefit organizations doing humanitarian work in those regions. This is my little way of using what I know best–music–to give back to the people I learn so much from in my travels and percussion studies. Phase One of that mission was my 2-week trip to Uganda (Oct.25-Nov.8, 2011), where I recorded more than an album's worth of music performed by youth choirs in two villages, as well as a variety of musicians in the country's capital, Kampala. Through fundraising, all trip expenses and product duplication costs were covered in advance so that 100% of the sales from the resulting CD directly benefit Ugandan children via Show Mercy International, based out of Albany, Oregon.
After landing in Uganda and meeting friend/videographer, Colin Crowley (currently living in Nairobi, Kenya), my first stop was Gganda Village, to record a number of youth choirs comprised of primary students that Show Mercy supports with their many housing, water, food, education and medical programs. SMI, founded by Mike and Lori Salley, is an incredible organization that I've had the pleasure of getting to know over the last year. They are doing some amazing work; I am excited to have this project benefit the children in their programs and equally excited to bring the sounds of those children's voices back to share! The entire trip was full of generous people providing opportunities to record all sorts of incredible music. Crane Performers, Street Voice, students at Kampala International School, students at Wobulenzi Town Academy, Janzi Band . . . some choirs, some traditional songs, even some modern pop originals!
Upon my return, it was down to business listening/editing/mixing with Jason Carter at Wavelength. Amaloboozi was officially released on December 15th, 2011. The CDs are now available– click here to get your hands on a copy and support the children of Gganda Village! Many thanks to everyone for all of the donations, support, time, assistance, generosity, thoughts, prayers and beautiful music. - Mark Powers


Mark PowersThe Amaloboozi CD project (to benefit Show Mercy International) was recorded and produced by world percussion artist/educator, Mark Powers. Mark teaches private lessons and group classes, and is often an Artist-in-Residence in schools around the US. Having performed and studied percussion throughout the country–as well as in Canada, Cuba, Puerto Rico, China, Thailand and Ghana, West Africa–Mark's work draws from a wide variety of musical cultures and genres. For more, visit PowersPercussion.com
The CD Amaloboozi: voices of the children of Uganda © 2011 Show Mercy International. All rights reserved. Get your copy here! Amaloboozi ("voices" in the Luganda language) is a musical celebration of life and hope, through the beautiful sounds of youth choirs and other musicians in Uganda, East Africa. Featuring orphans and school children in Gganda Village on 12 of the 16 tracks, 100% of the proceeds of the Amaloboozi CD will directly support Show Mercy International's programs that benefit those very same children and others. The kids of Gganda, Show Mercy and I all thank you. Weebale! - Mark Powers Recorded in Uganda by Mark Powers and Colin Crowley Audio post production by Jason Carter at Wavelength- Salem, Oregon Design by Jeff Koerner at Five Fish Press- Albany, Oregon Track listing 1. This Song Is For You (Hope Children's Home Choir) 2. Our Visitors (grade P1) 3. Afrika* (Janzi Band) 4. We Are The Children ("Top" preschool class) 5. Living Testimony (Alpha & Omega School Choir) 6. Tusanghaire (grade P1) 7. Mulungi Munnange* (Year 9 students of Kampala International School) 8. Ntambudde Nanonya (Alpha & Omega School Choir) 9. Abagenyi Baffe Abalungi ("Middle" preschool class) 10. Struggle For Heaven* (students of Wobulenzi Town Academy, with additional audio recording assistance by Toby Ball) 11. Stepmother (grade P2) 12. Njabala* (Janzi Band) 13. Many Faces, Many Places (Alpha & Omega School Choir) 14. Tulabilawa (grade P2) 15. Children Of Hope (Hope Children's Home Choir) 16. Lusoga Drumming (grade P5 traditional drum/dance group) *Unless otherwise noted, all songs performed by students of Alpha and Omega Primary School and Hope Children's Home- Gganda Village, Uganda Get your copy here!



This the first of several videos shot by my good friend, Colin Crowley, while we were in Gganda Village.

Hope Children's Home Choir performing "This Song is For You" Cameras by Colin Crowley and Camdin Bennett. Sound by Mark Powers.


It really does take a village to raise a child.

Between the fundraiser, friends, family, social media and plenty of word-of-mouth, we have managed to gather all of the monetary and equipment needs to cover our budget and make Amaloboozi a reality! There is absolutely no way that this could come together without all of the support I've gotten from near and far. I already have so many people to thank for helping with all of the many aspects of this project and it's hardly even begun! This list is by no means complete yet, and will certainly be being updated several times in the future. Here's hoping I don't forget anyone . . . and "weebale"- thank you, thank you, all!
Show Mercy: Mike & Lori Salley, Brittany Wheeler • Clockworks Cafe: Ryan Rogers, Mark Parrish • Fox Blueprinting • Suzy Herbert • Rick Maurmann • Tyler Maurmann • Kat Bell • Deb Vaughn • The Space: Doug Hoffman • Leslie Grasa • Wavelength Multimedia: Jason Carter • Riverfront Wellness Center: Steve Koc • Jillyn Chang • Rod Steward • Don Wilkes, III • Colin Crowley • Garry Meziere • Orvil Ivie • Bill Hughes • John Cuddy • Rees Adamson • Wes Tjernlund • Michèle, Phil & Toby Ball • Dr. Benon Kigozi • the students of Kampala International School • Ssenoga Paul • Charles, Medias & the students of Wobulenzi Town Academy • Five Fish Press: Jeff Koerner • ExOfficio • Whitney Moulton • Randy Kem • Andy Kronser • Richard Such • Ed Weamer • Ken Smith • Jan Irving • Mike Fahy • Jack Hopfinger • Jon Chinburg • Teresa Hickey • Carly Zuckweiler • Jade Earth Acupuncture: Echo Hobbs • ALE Studios & Boutique: Lindsay Ewing • Ram Restaurant & Brewery: Dean Tessler • Hod Rod Hair: Bry Taylor • Einstein the Producer: Josh Rudishauser • Steven Schob • Rose Barker • IgniteAdventure.com: Mark Lawrence • Ian Borkowski • Bekka Scott • Mark Sutton • Randy & Alisa Varga • Stella, Lazarus & the students of Alpha and Omega Primary School • all of the awesome SMI interns/helpers: Camdin, Davy, Billy Roy, Will, Natalie, Lorrine, Lynn, Libbie, Kathleen & Gabe • Mask, Brenda and the members of Street Voice • Janzi Band • Simona Schiava


Janzi Band is an extremely talented Afro Fusion, contemporary and world music group based out from Kampala, Uganda, who contributed two tracks to this CD project. Their hope is to use music to generate cultural development, build relationships between different regions and unite people at both local and international levels. Members: James Ssewakiryanga, Jr. (leader) - traditional instruments, percussion and vocals Abraham Ssekasi - traditional instruments and lead vocals Abraham Sembatya - bass guitar Steven Oundo Wejuli - acoustic guitar and vocals Steven Kigozi - keyboards and vocals Joshua Maggwa - drums Joseph Kizito - saxophone Namazzi Claudia - vocals Brendah Nankyinga - vocals


The following is a breakdown of the budget for the Amaloboozi project: Airfare (roundtrip PDX-EBB) ~ $1,490 Visa = $50 Ground transportation: - from/to Entebbe airport ~ $20 each way (total ~ $40) - other ($1-6 per day) ~ $85 Lodging: ($15-30 per night) ~ $325 (or, possible Couchsurfing when in Kampala) Food: ($10/day max.)~ $140 Travel insurance ~ $25 Malaria medication ~ ? Documentary services (photo/video by Colin Crowley, based out of Nairobi, Kenya ) ~ $300 CD duplication costs: $690 (1000 CDs; full color on-disc printing; full color cardboard sleeves; shrinkwrapped) Current budget total = $3,145 Misc. project needs (via in-kind donation or lending) - 2 or 3 portable digital audio recorders (ie., Zoom H4) - external hard drive (500GB-1TB) - extra SD memory cards


An Amaloboozi fundraiser was held on Sunday, March 27, 2011 (2-5pm) at Clockworks Cafe in downtown Salem, Oregon! The event included: - live music all afternoon by Garry Meziere & Orvil Ivie, Bill Hughes, John Cuddy, Whitney Moulton, the Willamette Saxophone Ensemble, The Kola Nuts percussion ensemble and Jack Hopfinger & Jon Chinburg (of The Flextones)! - silent auction - presentations about the project [and the other work being done in Uganda] by Show Mercy and myself

Thank you SO much to everyone who attended, performed, volunteered, donated and supported the event!