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Correctional Education

Correctional Education has been proven to have many positive effects on detained populations- including significantly lower rates of re-arrest, re-conviction and re-incarceration.* Here are two unique ways to educate your group(s) while working on communication skills, awareness and respect.

Both TrashBamBOOM! (formerly “Junk Jam”) and the Sights & Sounds of Ghana programs can be tailored to fit any institutional environment, and are packed with benefits for adult and juvenile participants.


TrashBamBOOM! (formerly “Junk Jam”)

is a hands-on percussion-based rhythm and music experience. Participants will learn that any ordinary object can indeed be a musical instrument and that rhythms can be found in everything we do (including our personal interactions with others). Playing on “instruments” such as 5-gallon pails, garbage cans and automotive brake drums will teach the group that rhythm exists everywhere. With awareness, we can identify our own rhythms (tempos) and choose when they need to be altered. This practice can influence our decision-making, improving relationships, work ethic and our own feelings and self-esteem. In merely seconds, they will transform “found sounds” into intense rhythms- at the same time developing creativity, listening and communication skills. Rhythmic creativity-building activities allow participants to understand that there are many options available to them in life and that they have the resources within to resolve the issues being faced.

To be supplied by facility:

  • adequate room for a collection of buckets, other ‘junk’ instruments and presenter
  • seating for attendees (preferably chairs)

(Some supplementary ‘junk’ instruments may need to be supplied by the facility, depending on program)


Sights & Sounds of Ghana

takes participants on a journey into the world of West African percussion while heightening their awareness and understanding of African cultures.

In addition to a complete family of authentic drums, bells and shakers of the Ewe people, the program features Kpanlogo drums of the Ga, ‘talking drums’ of the Dagomba, djembes and a beautiful 14-key balafon.

The presentation begins with a video filmed during Mark’s studies in the village of Kopeyia- giving a peek at life, music and school in Ghana. There is a very educational introduction to several Ghanaian instruments and playing techniques, with opportunity for Q&A throughout the program.

To be supplied by facility:

  • adequate staging area for the instruments and presenter
  • seating for attendees
  • six additional chairs (without armrests)
  • video equipment (VHS or DVD, projector & screen)


TrashBamBOOM! and the Sights & Sounds of Ghana programs can be accommodating for any number of adults or youth during each 45- to 60-minute session, and length and content can be customized to fit your schedule and particular needs. Please inquire if you have any special requests.

Contact Mark Powers for program pricing & more information at:

Itemized inventory of equipment to be entering the facility available upon request.



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* Hull, Kim A., Stewart Forrester, and James Brown, et al., Analysis of Recidivism Rates for Participants of the Academic/Vocational/Transition Programs Offered by the Virginia Department of Correctional Education, Journal of Correctional Education, Vol. 51:2, Correctional Education Association, Lanham, MD, 2000.