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Like ’em or not, Starbucks has one of the most integral ingredients a successful brand requires . . . consistency. When you scrunch up your nose, put on your best snob face and order that iced single Venti, 7-pump peppermint, caramel Sauce top AND bottom, light ice, no whip, mocha, you already know EXACTLY what it’s going to taste like.

What about you and your personal and/or professional brand(s)? Do people know exactly what to expect when you pick up the phone? When you accept taking on a new project? When you sell them your product or service?

Be honest with yourself. If the answer is “no,” then you haven’t yet given them a reason to know what to expect. You aren’t being consistent.

Being that the majority of my readership are musicians and artists, some of you might be wondering how (and if) any of this applies to you. Are you kidding me? Of course it does. Being consciously aware of the brand we are presenting to the world is just as important for creative-types as it is for someone in any other line of work.


Musicians: Do you have a fairly predictable attitude toward your fans, students and booking agents? Do they know that you’re going to be super approachable, cool and ready to bend over backwards for them?

Have you spent the time and money on an effective, easily recognizable band logo? Or does your graphic image drastically change everytime you release a new CD, gig poster or website update?

Painters: Do you have a killer looking business card that reflects your killer art? Use a snippet of your best piece as the image on everything you do. Those cards, your website, your email template header, the “About the Artist” bio posted at your local gallery exhibit. Remember- being (and showing to others that you are) professional will encourage people to do business with you. Or more business. Or pay a higher price than they otherwise might.

Photographers: Are you always on-site well in advance of the scheduled shoot, setup and ready to rock? Or are you the guy who’s always calling at two-minutes-’til, exaggerating about the ‘bad traffic’ and needing better directions?


What methods have you found that add to your level of consistency and increase the value of your brand?
Comment below and share with the rest of us!