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musicians - two quick questions

I’m working hard on a new service to offer to musicians who want to step things up and further develop their careers! Your help (by simply answering the two following related questions) will really assist me in making sure that I’m focusing on areas that you and other musicians would most benefit from.

If you would be so willing, offer your thoughts on these in the comment box below or in this anonymous online Google form. Whichever route you go: thank you, thank you for taking a few moments to share!

• • •

1. When it comes to the “business” side of the music business, what is/are the area(s) that you struggle with most?

2. If you could ask a busy working musician one quick question—which would help you know what step to take next in your career—what would it be?

• • •

Thanks again! – Mark

image by David Crummey