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Online Lessons

For a monster series of free video drum lessons, also check out my other site: DrumItInAMinute.com

Joropo shaker technique applied to drumset (YouTube link)

Hand Drumming: “Kuku” VIDEO (YouTube link)
Get the (boxed and standard) notation here: Hand Drumming: “Kuku” NOTATION (pdf)

Paradiddle Inversion Drumset Application (YouTube link)

Hand Drumming: “Heel/Toe Roll & Tumbao” (YouTube link)

Double Bass Drumming: “Drop Two” (YouTube link)

Mel Bay ‘Percussion Sessions’ Hand Drumming Crash Course series (includes video clips!)

Part One (external link)
This introductory lesson explores some common hand drum strokes and sounds, and then combines them to create a few easy rhythms.

Part Two (external link)
This lesson combines the basic hand drum strokes from Part One, creating several great sounding rhythms!

Part Three (external link)
Incorporating 16th-notes and 16th-rests, allowing for even more interesting patterns!

Part Four (external link)
Intro to Heel and Toe strokes.

Part Five (external link)
Combining Heel/Toe with our basic strokes.

Gahu: a recreational dance of the Ewe people of Ghana

Part One (pdf)
Learn how to play the support drum rhythms of Gahu. Presented in both standard and ‘boxed’ notation styles. Published in the Fall/Winter 2006 issue of World Percussion & Rhythm.

Part Two (pdf)
Learn how to play the boba master drum rhythms of Gahu. Presented in both standard and ‘boxed’ notation styles. Published in the Spring/Summer 2007 issue of World Percussion & Rhythm.

Drumming The Clave (pdf)
Utilize “clave” to create cool hand drum grooves and exercises!

Jammin’ the Kpanlogo (pdf)
An introduction to the Kpanlogo rhythms of the Ga people of Ghana, West Africa.

Drum drum drum: How to beat out a groovy rhythm (pdf)
published in the March 2007 issue of Salem Monthly.

• Floubles
A Drummer’s Digest follow-up to ‘Fliplets’ (below).
Floubles- English version (pdf)
Floubles- Swedish version (pdf)

• Fliplets
Try out these great triplet exercises, flipped around to work all limb combinations!
written for Drummer’s Digest, the Swedish online drum magazine.
Fliplets- English version (pdf)
Fliplets- Swedish version (pdf)

Kuku For You! (pdf)
An introduction to the djembe rhythms of Kuku, from Guinea, West Africa.

Bring It On #1 (pdf)
Get down with your bad self!

Bring It On #2 (pdf)
Can you say ‘Superimposed Metric Modulation?’

Songo Revisited (pdf)
Afro-Cuban coordination challenge.

Gahu Challenge (pdf)
A collage of drum, bell and rattle rhythms from the Ewe ‘Gahu’ dance piece, all played simultaneously on the drumset!

Left Foot Clave for the Cha-Cha (pdf)
published in the April 2006 issue of Percussive Notes.

Achiagbekor For Drumset (pdf)
A Ghanaian war dance, transferred to the kit; published in the February 2005 issue of Percussive Notes.

Easy Double Bass Drum Licks (pdf)
NOW WITH MP3’S!! (as requested by Jarrod Marks & Allen Hueber)

Double Bass Drum Exercises For Your Hands (I mean . . . Feet) (pdf)
Develop your foot control, speed and power by practicing hand patterns.

Quad-a-diddles (pdf)
Paradiddle exercises for marching quad players.

The Basics of Hand Drumming (pdf)
published in the October 2006 issue of Salem Monthly.

Zero To Drummer in 3 Easy Lessons

Lesson 1 (pdf)
A hand drummer’s introduction to GUN & DUN strokes.

Lesson 2 (pdf)
A hand drummer’s introduction to GO & DO strokes.

Lesson 3 (pdf)
A hand drummer’s introduction to PA & TA strokes.