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Slammin' Simon drum bookThe second kid’s drumming guide by my little drum-teaching pseudonym, Slammin’ Simon and his pet turtle, Rudi (both illustrated by artist, Autumn Linde)!

In Slammin’ Simon’s 20 Essential Dru Rudiments, the duo introduce their favorite Roll, Diddle, Flam and Drag rudiments. These hand patterns (or “stickings”) provide drummers with a solid foundation for their future percussion study and development.

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10,000-Hour Practice Log & Journal - Mark PowersMany experts agree that becoming a “master” in any particular field or pursuit requires one to put in a minimum of 10,000 hours of deliberate practice in that area. It’s certainly true that it takes more than only time (e.g. proper technique; correct decisions about what specifically to be working on; etc.), but logging that much focused time will most definitely be beneficial to anyone striving to increase their abilities and realize their dreams.

If you’re truly dead serious about that instrument you want to play professionally, or that art career you want, isn’t it time to step up your game, start tracking those hours, and do the work?

This 10,000-Hour Practice Log & Journal is the perfect tool for that purpose. You’ll be guided along page-by-page, prompted to enter details about each practice session, including the date, time and duration; your mood and/or energy level going into the session; goals for that specific practice stretch; and what went well/poorly. There will also be room to write additional notes about that particular session, or perhaps thoughts for the next one.

If used daily, this log will help you record approximately three months’ worth of practices. Near the back of the book, you‘ll find graphs that you can use to track your gradual progress toward that 10,000-hour milestone.

Throughout these pages, you’ll also find occasional journal pages, which will cue you to reflect and write your thoughts on a variety of matters related to the hard work you’re undergoing.

Space will be reserved for you to list long-term goals, for your reference while working through this log, and for transferring into future logs that you move into. You should refer to this list as you plan goals and exercises for your individual practice sessions.

After completely filling this log, enter your date range and total hour information in the spots designated for each on the front/back covers, and do the accompanying math to find your total accumulated hours. As you work through additional logs, this will give you a quick reference of what you’ve accomplished and how the progress you’re making toward that magical 10,000 hours!

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I Want To Be A Drummer (illustrated by Maria Montag) is my first ever children’s board book!

Daniel wants to be a drummer, but he doesn’t have any drums. Little readers can help him find items around the house to build his drum set. After Daniel finds the musicality in everyday objects he discovers at home, children will have fun creating their very own drum set. A fun reminder that the joy of making music can be found anywhere.

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More details about the book here.

I Want To Be A Reader (illustrated by Maria Montag) is my second children’s board book, this one literacy focused!

A simple celebration of a major milestone: learning to read! It will take a lot of hard work: learning the letters, turning the pages, saying the words. But that hard work will pay off—maybe sooner than this little boy thinks! The story ends with a hopeful message to toddlers that someday, they can be readers too.

** Silver medalist in the board book category of the 2017 Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards **

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More details about the book here.

Solo in Style - Mark PowersSolo in Style is a collection of beginning to intermediate drumset etudes focused on various styles. To prepare the player for each solo, a short list of popular songs in the same style and a full page of exercises precede it. Great for school solo and ensemble repertoire.

Expand your drumming vocabulary and musicality, while playing some cool sounding solos!

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Alfred's Drumset Method Book 2 - Dave Black Mark PowersAlfred’s Drumset Method, Book 2 is a continuation of the bestselling classic, Alfred’s Beginning Drumset Method. The rock and jazz vocabularies previously learned in Book 1 have been expanded upon, and additional concepts and genres, such as blues, 3/4 time, brushes, and Latin are introduced.

The accompanying CD demonstrates a number of the beats, fills, and styles presented throughout the book. In addition, students can feel as though they’re actually sitting in with a band while reading/playing the included play-along charts and tracks.

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Slammin' Simon drum bookAnnouncing the first book that features my cool little drum-teaching pseudonym, Slammin’ Simon, who teaches aspiring rockstars all the rudiments, grooves and fills they need to get drumming in no time!

This fun instructional series is perfect for use in the lesson room, by instructors who work with young students, as well as at home, by parents of children learning to play percussion.

In his Guide to Mastering Your First Rock & Roll Drum Beats, Simon and his pet turtle, Rudi, introduce the basic quarter-note and eighth-note drumset beats needed to start performing in the Rock music style.

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Slammin Simon rock drumset book - SPANISH - espanolNOW AVAILABLE IN SPANISH! / ¡DISPONIBLE AHORA EN ESPAÑOL!

Slammin’ Simón y su guía para dominar tus primeros ritmos de batería de Rock & Roll is officially available! Click here now to get it on Amazon, in both paperback and Kindle formats.

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udemy rock drumset grooves courseMaster several essential rock drumset beats fast with my jam-packed Rock Drumset Grooves: Level 1 online course! You get lifetime access to over 35 video lessons and complete PDF notation—over 2 hours of high quality content.

We dive straight into learning a huge variety of grooves that are essential to every rock drumset performer. This course (hosted by my good friends at Udemy) will have you rocking out—impressing your friends and family with your new drumming skills—in absolutely no time.

I’m accepting students right now, so click here to enroll or get more details!

DIIAM_Year_1_packJust released: Year 1: Complete Collection, a downloadable pack of every single video drum lesson from the first year of DrumItInAMinute‘s existence! At only $7 for everything, this monster compilation (over 2GB of data) includes:

•  62(!) one-minute video drum lessons, featuring a wide variety of drumset groove and fill ideas.

•  a 52-page PDF booklet of text and music notation for every lesson.

For less than 12¢ per lesson, you get to save the entire collection to your hard drive AND get the book of notation (which is only available in this special Year 1 collection).

($7 – instant download of PDF and mp4 files)

Grooves On-The-GoGrooves On-The-Go is designed to be used as a practice tool, as well as a quick, portable reference library of various popular drumset rhythms. The book/audio package is a great resource for young drumset players and their drum instructors. Load the accompanying mp3 tracks (link included inside the book) into your phone or favorite audio player, and with the book handy in your Kindle device or app, you are always set to rock!

Volume One features: 8th-note Grooves, Funky Beats, 16th-note Grooves, Linear Grooves, Shuffles and Double Bass Grooves. You can play each rhythm as written and then apply variations to create your own! Professional recordings of every groove in the book allow you to both read AND hear each example.

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This world percussion play-along audio series is intended as a practice tool for musicians of any instrument. Volume One consists of eleven rhythms found in a variety of African and Latin music styles. In addition to mp3 accompaniment tracks, complete written notation (in standard and boxed formats) of each drum, bell and clave rhythm is also provided. Play the exact rhythms presented, improvise over the tracks or just freely jam along!

Pianists, guitarists and other non-percussionists can also benefit from using Ritimista– practicing montunos, comping, melodies and soloing ideas over the top of each track.

($5.99 – instant download of PDF and mp3 files)

Sure, you’re great at creating your music . . . but how are you at telling the rest of the world about it? Here’s a little somethin’ somethin’ I collaborated on with a few friends, and that every musician needs.

Like it or not, we musicians are entrepreneurs and promoting ourselves is something we have do in order to be seen and heard. From crafting a plan of action to building a community around your brand, Self-Promotion Sucks! (but it doesn’t have to) is a comprehensive guide to making self-promotion a whole helluva lot less painful.

Start taking the “business” side of the music business seriously, and check this out!

($4.99 – instant PDF download)

6 Pack Special
Band directors, music teachers . . . stock up right now on the 6-Pack Special, a package of all parts and scores for 6 easy-to-intermediate percussion solo and ensemble compositions . . . at HALF THE PRICE of purchasing all six separately!

You get The Buckets of Nantucket (for 5 players; int.), Djammin’ (djembe duet; easy/int.), Los Tambores Grandes (for 5 pitched bass drums; int.); Two-rific! (for solo performer on two snare drums; int./adv.), West of Williston (parade drum duet; easy/int.) AND Who Be You? (West African ensemble for 6 players; easy).

Treat yourself to a 50% off 6-Pack deal right now and then kick back and relax, knowing that you’re well stocked up on some fun, challenging material for your percussionists! (more details on each of these pieces further down this page)

($40.50 – instant ZIP file download, chock-full of all PDFs)

The Buckets of Nantucket (intermediate) will excite your students and light a fire under your audience. It’s written for five players who perform on the simplest of “instruments” (four plastic pails and a garbage can). The rhythms and interplay among the five performers are interesting and challenging.

($25 – instant PDF download)

Djammin’ (easy/intermediate) is a great piece to introduce your students to djembe hand drumming. Both parts incorporate Bass, Open, Slap and Touch tones and allow room for each player to take a short improvised solo over the other player’s rhythms.

($10 – instant PDF download)

Los Tambores Grandes (intermediate) is a work for five pitched bass drums. It makes use of rim sounds, as well as 4/4 and 6/8 meters. This is a fun piece with a two-drum ostinato section and some quick player-to-player 16th notes. This will provide a nice challenge for young, intermediate percussionists. Interplay between the bass drums with use of dynamics and accents. This will give your marching line students something to do outside of the marching season. Great as a feature in a concert situation.

($15 – instant PDF download)

Two-rific! (intermediate/advanced) is written for a solo percussionist playing two differently pitched snare drums. The piece utilizes rim sounds, muted sounds with the hand, stick-on-stick sounds and stick-clicks, in addition to the pitches of the drums with snares on and off.

($6 – instant PDF download)

West of Williston (easy/intermediate) is a duet for parade drums with train whistle and suspended cymbal. It was written aboard the historic Empire Builder Amtrak train, around the border of Montana and North Dakota. The use of the train whistle, bell of the suspended cymbal and a shouted “all aboard” evoke images of that trip. Young percussionists will create the sounds of the train starting, traveling across country and slowing at its destination.

($10 – instant PDF download)

Who Be You? (easy) was written especially for Middle School percussion ensembles. It’s an adaptation of Gahu, a recreational dance of the Ewe people of Ghana, West Africa. It is written for 6 players (Player I = 2 Cowbells; II = Maracas; III = High Conga; IV = Low Conga; V = 2 Tom-toms; VI = Floor Tom).

($15 – instant PDF download)

The Joke (easy/intermediate) is a solo for 5-piece drumset, originally written for a private lesson student of mine. Perfect as a first solo for music festival (bass drum, snare drum, 3 toms, ride cymbal, crash cymbal, hi-hat).

($6 – instant PDF download)