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School & Community Program Information Packet

Download my complete PDF info packet, which includes a bio, references, program descriptions and a complete breakdown of costs.

“Mark is not only an excellent musician but a skilled educator. He has the ability to work with a wide range of ages and abilities and every workshop that Mark leads is fun, interactive and educational. His drumming workshops in Omaha were a huge hit with educators and students.”

Kendra Whitlock Ingram

VP, Programming & Education, Omaha Performing Arts – Omaha, NE

TrashBamBOOM! (formerly Junk Jam)

Turning Garbage Into Grooves

Hands-on experiences are an exciting and educational way to promote teamwork, nurture creativity and boost self-esteem among youth. The TrashBamBOOM! program is designed with these goals in mind, while allowing students to explore firsthand the percussive possibilities hiding within common everyday items.

Students will learn that any ordinary object can indeed be a musical instrument. In merely seconds, they will transform these “found sounds” into intense rhythms- at the same time developing creativity, listening and communication skills.

Playing on “instruments” such as 5-gallon pails, garbage cans, automotive brake drums and soda can shakers, students will find that rhythm exists everywhere and that by working together they can discover music in their own environment and even simply using their own bodies.

TrashBamBOOM! programs can be tailored to fit any age/grade level and participants do not need any previous percussion or music experience. Schools need not supply any materials other than chairs for all participants and sufficient room to arrange a large circle of students. The program’s flexibility includes accommodating any number of students during each 30- to 45-minute session, and length and content can be customized to fit your class schedule and particular needs.

To be supplied by school/organization:

  • adequate room for a collection of buckets, other ‘junk’ instruments and presenter
  • seating for attendees (preferably armless chairs or stools)

(some art-related materials and/or supplementary ‘junk’ instruments — as well as travel, lodging and other expenses — may need to be supplied, covered and/or arranged by the school or organization, depending on the program content and location)

Please inquire if you have any special requests. TrashBamBOOM! can be adapted to fit your school’s specific needs and interests.

Contact Mark Powers for program pricing & more information at: 920-410-0465

Click below to contact Mark and book him to bring TrashBamBOOM! to your school or organization.

“My elementary students could not stop talking about the ‘awesome’ musician they had a chance to work with. He has the rare ability to bring people of all ages together musically [and] begins by erasing all fears and inhibitions. Mark is one of the best artist-in-residence artists I have ever had the pleasure to work with and I strongly recommend him for any program you are planning.”

Teresa Moucha

Art teacher, Carl Traeger Elementary – Oshkosh, WI

The Sights & Sounds of Ghana

Teachers: click below to download the “Sights & Sounds of Ghana” classroom preparation packet (pdf)

The Sights & Sounds of Ghana program will take students on a journey into the world of West African percussion while heightening their awareness and understanding of African cultures.

The program features a complete family of authentic Ewe drums, bells and shakers, and integrates numerous Education Standards. Addressing specific standards in the areas of Music, Geography, Foreign Language, Dance and PE/Health helps teachers to target a variety of intended outcomes.

Students are introduced to several Ghanaian instruments, learn a greeting in the Ewe language and get on their feet for some traditional dancing! Depending on scheduling, the presentation may also include a video filmed during Mark’s studies in the village of Kopeyia- giving students a peek at life, music and schooling in Ghana.

To be supplied by school/organization:

  • adequate staging area for the instruments and presenter
  • seating for attendees
  • six additional chairs (without armrests)
  • video equipment (VHS or DVD, projector & screen)

(some art-related materials — as well as travel, lodging and other expenses — may need to be supplied, covered and/or arranged by the hiring school or organization, depending on the program content and location)

Please inquire if you have any special requests. The Sights & Sounds of Ghana can be adapted to fit your school’s specific needs and interests.

Contact Mark Powers for program pricing & more information at: 920-410-0465

Click below to contact Mark and book him to bring The Sights & Sounds of Ghana to your school or organization.

“Thank you for all your hard work last week. You are not only a great drummer but you are also a great teacher. I have observed hundreds of teachers over the last 15 years, and you definitely have what it takes to engage kids, build on their prior knowledge, and strengthen their cultural competence.”

Brian Crain

Principal, Wascher Elementary – Lafayette, OR

Hand Drumming Crash Course

Whether offered as a more educational workshop in a school, or as fun group activity with an adult group, this intensive, energizing class will free each participant’s inner-drummer, giving all involved the tools to connect with their respective instrument(s). The sounds and rhythmic combinations that attendees will learn to create can then be carried into the rest of the world, where the drum and its voice can be used for performing music, or for meditation, stress-relief and relaxation.

The strokes and techniques learned in this hands-on program can be applied to a variety of percussion instruments from around the globe, however the focus is intentionally on teaching non-culturally-specific rhythms. This general, broad approach allows anyone — regardless of their level of musical experience (or perceived lack thereof) — to have access to the rhythmic possibilities that lie awaiting.

In a matter of no time, the entire class of students will be drumming away, generating powerful percussive grooves together!

To be supplied by school/organization:

  • seating for presenter and attendees (preferably armless chairs or stools), often arranged in either a half-moon or complete circle (depending on class size)

(some supplementary drums and other percussion instruments — as well as travel, lodging and other expenses — may need to be supplied, covered and/or arranged by the school or organization, depending on the program content and location)

Please inquire if you have any special requests. The Hand Drumming Crash Course can be adapted to fit your group’s specific needs and interests.

Contact Mark Powers for program pricing & more information at: 920-410-0465

Click below to contact Mark and book him to bring The Hand Drumming Crash Course to your school or organization.

“You were a hit last Thursday!!! It was great having you at Marian College. If we give this workshop again next summer, I will definitely be contacting you to be a part of it. Thanks again for your wonderful presentation!”

Valerie Meidinger

Faculty, Marian College – Fond du Lac, WI

Past Artist-in-Residence and School/Community Group Facilitation Experience

Abiqua Middle School • American International School of Kuwait City • Appleton East High School • Aquinas Middle School • Arrowhead Center for the Arts • Ash Creek Intermediate School • Ashland High School • Ashland Middle School • Bancroft Elementary:Omaha • Baraboo High School • Bassett Grade School • Bayside Christian Fellowship • Best Friends of Neenah/Menasha • Boys’ & Girls’ Brigade:Neenah • Boys & Girls Club of the Fox Valley • Boys & Girls Club of Green Bay • Boys & Girls Club:Oshkosh • Boys Town, NE • Brown County Library • Brownell-Talbot School:Omaha • Camp Fire Kids USA:Appleton • Camp Helen Brachman • Camp Hope:Appleton • Carl Traeger Elementary • Carl Traeger Middle School • Cather Elementary School:Omaha • Catlin Elementary Arts Magnet Center • Centennial Middle School:Snohomish, WA • Central High School:Omaha • Chapman Hill Elementary • Chemeketa Community College • Children’s Museum of Green Bay • Cody-Kilgore Elementary School • Cody-Kilgore High School • Collegiate Music Educators National Conference • Cub Scouts Pack #3091 • Cub Scout Pack #3607 • Cub Scouts Pack #4034 • Culler Middle School • Culture Shock:Salem • Cutcomb Lake School • De Pere High School • Dickinson Elementary after-school YMCA • Doane College: Arts Are Basic • Eagle Bluff Elementary • Emergency Shelter of the Fox Valley • Emmeline Cook Elementary • Evans Elementary • Farm Credit Services of America • Fontenelle Elementary:Omaha • Foster Elementary • Four Corners Elementary • Fox Valley Symphony Orchestra • Fox Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship • Fox Valley Youth Symphony • Franklin Elementary • Free Beat Nation Drum Camp • Friendship Learning Center • Future Neenah, Inc. • Gateway Elementary School • Gibraltar School • Girl Scouts at Hillcrest Elementary • Girl Scouts:Omaha • Goose Creek School • Great Expectations School • Green Bay Downtown YMCA • Green Meadow Elementary • Haines Junction Public Library • Haines School • H. 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