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Self Promotion Sucks

[message]Sure, you’re great at CREATING your music . . . but how are you at telling the rest of the world about it?

selfpromosucks_bookstackJust released (and #3 on Amazon in its first week!) here’s a little somethin’ somethin’ I recently collaborated on, and that every musician needs.

Like it or not, we musicians are entrepreneurs. And there’s a lot of unsavory junk we deal with as entrepreneurs that often leads us to think, “This just SUCKS.” Writing an eBook? Sucks. Self-promotion? Sucks. Public speaking? Sucks.

suck stops here

Led by the brilliant minds behind Hungry Entrepreneurs, myself and a pile of incredible friends created a collaborative eBook that provides a gargantuan amount of mouth-watering value to all entrepreneurs hoping to shorten the learning curves of all those pesky, sucky things.

With 40 different contributing authors, Self-Promotion Sucks! tackles the tough topics that plague the entrepreneurial spirit. From crafting a plan of action to building a community around your brand, this eBook is a comprehensive guide to making self-promotion a whole helluva lot less painful.


For the redonkulously low price of only $4.99, you’ll:

  • Prepare yourself and your brand for all the uncomfortable feelings that come along with peddling your wares
  • Know when to take advice from others and what marketing noise to ignore
  • Polish your messaging and your mission for getting the exposure and eyeballs you so deserve
  • Promote your products and services without feeling like a sleazy used car salesman
  • Gain insight into the nitty, gritty of the self-promotion process and how to make your plan sustainable
  • Market and sell your genius live and in-person, without wanting to puke
  • Create connections with your right audience, build your tribe, and collaborate with bigness
  • Discover the inner workings of your entrepreneurial brain and what’s standing in your way
  • Get the skinny on precisely how and where to share your story for maximum impact
  • And more!

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Start taking the “business” side of the music business seriously, and check this out!

selfpromosucks_bookstack(instant download, PDF file, 312 pages)


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