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Skype Drum Lessons

No matter where you’re at in the world, we can connect for live 1-on-1 drum lessons, using the magic of the interwebs and a fancy little computer application you may have heard of . . . Skype!

After each live lesson, I encourage students to (after practicing) record a video of him/her playing the grooves/fills/concepts we covered, and let me review them by email or a private YouTube link. I will gladly give follow-up thoughts and suggestions at no additional charge.

Get rockin’ in no time with these five simple steps:

1. Email me (at powersdrums@gmail.com) about what you’d like to work on in our lessons. By email or phone, we can discuss how this all works and what days/times are best to schedule our lesson(s).

2. If you don’t already have a Skype account (free!), get yourself registered, and the software installed, right here.

3. Add me to your list of Skype contacts. (username: powerspercussion)

4. Click one of the PayPal buttons below to purchase a single lesson, or a package of 4 (for the price of three).

5. Let’s do this. You and I connect at our scheduled time and get to work increasing your drumming skills!

[ * Note that students younger than 18 must have a parent present for our first Skype lesson *]

[* Note that 60-minute lessons cannot be broken into two 30-minute lessons *]

You’ll need:

  • desktop, laptop computer, tablet or smartphone located near your drumset or hand drum setup, with:
    – webcam & microphone (either built-in or external)
    – speakers or headphones/earbuds
  • solid internet connection (a high-speed direct connection is always preferable to wireless)
  • Skype installed (and to be registered)

Wanna do this? Send me an email right now to get things rolling!