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Super excited am I!
Today is exactly three weeks from the launch date of my new project, TheDonatingDrummer!

The long and short of TheDonatingDrummer is simple: beginning this December, I will be donating all or part of my pay from one music gig each month to fund a personal project or goal of someone else’s!


How it works is also pretty simple: The exact amount available will be announced [as a blog post on TheDonatingDrummer.com] on the 1st of each month. Then, based in the amount announced, readers get to answer the question: “What would you do with X amount of $?”

The plan is to fund small projects that are able to be completed in no more than a few weeks (to help maintain my one-a-month pace and keep me from getting utterly confused).

What projects will be considered? The sky’s the limit! A work of art that you’ve been wanting to create. A kind deed in support of a local charity organization. Your first skydiving experience. Building a wheelchair ramp for the elderly couple next door. Starting a website to sell your papier-mâché creations. Anything goes! I’m hoping for some creative ventures that people have had rolling around in the back of their heads for awhile.

To keep the application process simple, I’ve integrated an online submission form right on the Apply page.

Around the 7th of the month, the winning applicant will be notified by email and announced publicly in another blog post on the site. The grant recipient will then be sent 50% of the agreed upon amount, either by check or PayPal.

Upon completion of the project, the recipient is required to follow-up with at least an email (and hopefully photos and/or video), to share the finished work with the rest of us! At that point, the remaining 50% of the granted amount will be delivered, again via check or PayPal.

A third and final post will go live near the end of the month, highlighting the completed project (or reached goal) and saying a few words about the gig that was performed in support of it.


What’s that I hear? How can you help?

Well thank you, I’m so glad you asked! There are several areas that I could really use a hand in.

1. I’d love to get your feedback and general thoughts about the project.

2. Please check out the site and sign up for email notification of future posts, available donations, winning recipients and completed projects.

3. Start brainstorming ideas and get ready to submit your own projects/goals starting in just three weeks!

4. “Like” TheDonatingDrummer’s Facebook page.

5. Follow me (and tweet about the @donatingdrummer) on Twitter.

and, last but certainly not least: 6. Share the project and website with everyone you know who might be interested! Pass the link [TheDonatingDrummer.com] along to your family, friends, co-workers, teachers and music/art associations.


With your help, TheDonatingDrummer can will be able to successfully reach and support a large number of people, and allow many others to accomplish a diverse array of projects for themselves.

Thanks a million in advance for everything!